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Reviews of NeuroSport

I have worked with Dr. Jason Cozby on Faculty in the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy (PT) at USC for a number of years.  I was aware of his superb clinical reasoning and thoughtful approach to patient care as I listened to him present complex concepts to the doctor of physical therapy students during class.  I had not until recently, experienced Dr. Cozby's work from the perspective of a client/patient.  The loss of mobility and use of my right arm for overhead activities, and increased pain has all progressively improved since seeing Dr. Cozby.  Importantly, he has understood that boxing is an important recreational activity to me and has enabled me to keep boxing without pain and as a means to maintain range and strength.  Even though I am a PT, I truly did not think it was possible to improve a shoulder so impacted by arthritis, but Dr. Cozby has made me a believer and an incredibly appreciative client!